Nelox is a large gold sales brand in Sweden that has nearly a decade of experience in the field of goldsmithing and gold sales. Nelox gallery is the top Swedish brand in the field of handmade and machine-made gold which is in the best position. A large number of agencies in Iran are operating under the supervision of the Nelox brand.

One of the main features that distinguish the Nelox brand from its competitors is that each product has its identity card that their details can be seen according to the identity card defined for them.

Nelox site has made it possible for their representatives to increase their sales by placing their latest jewelry on the Nelox site. In addition to a beautiful and unique design, this site has many features and allows its users to see the best representatives and top Nelox products on site.

The Nelox site has made it possible for users to easily select the product they need; by utilizing special filters on the product page based on material and color, grade, weight range, and so on.
It is also possible for users to compare the features of one or more products with an advanced comparison system. In searching, features have been used that users can view search results without being redirected to a separate page.

On this site, users can easily view the details, codes of each product and also see the identification of each product.
Choosing the right color quality, integrated design, and usage of related graphic elements are some of the points that have been considered in the design process of the Nelox site to create harmony and beauty.

Having an image gallery on the page of each product and displaying similar products as well as the 360-degree resolution of images has provided a better user experience for users and has made Nelox a user-friendly site.

One of the priorities of the Satya design team was paying attention to the appearance and using special filters to give users a better experience on the site.