An acting profession like singing is a dream job. Everyone wants to become an actor and a singer because of the beautiful outlook and of course the fame after that. Many producers have tried to hold talent identification programs due to the great interest among the people and have introduced talented people to the art community.

In line with its organizational mission, Mimic, to create job opportunities in the field of cinema (acting) with the help of prominent directors and producers of cinema, recruits actors, and trains artists.

In a world where everyone wants to be an actor, setting up such a program like this is not an easy task. There should be several restrictions, but as the directors of Mimic say, there are no points or restrictions for this story, so everyone can register in Mimic and be selected for acting.

It seems like an interesting idea, to start a site to attract new talent, and those who have the talent to become actors enter the job market. .These days, we see many new actors who have entered this field with different support and have the least talent to play in front of the camera.
All users will be exposed to the directors and producers of movies, TV series, home series.
This website, designed by the Satya team, will categorize all individuals and the registration form will be carefully reviewed. Assistant directors can easily introduce the projects they have in hand on the site.
Each director can also specify the cinematic agents they need on this website and select their cinematic artists and agents based on the specific filtering available on the website.

In designing the Mimic site, access to different parts of the site has been designed by Satya team in such a way that users can easily perform all the necessary processes to register on the site without any problems.
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