Inpin is the first smart and innovative property search application in Iran which has been operating since 2016 with the slogan Live in a house that has always been your dream. Inpin is one of Satya’s important projects which, took about two years to design and build for the team.
Satya team has designed, Inpin application with a depth study properties need seekers and using the latest technologies in the world, which has been a great help to users all over Iran. This mobile application was designed and released for iOS and Android operating systems.
This application is three-dimensional and has been implemented by designers in a way that users, real estate consultants, and real estate agents operating in the city can register in inpin.
Inpin is arguably the best-known real estate software, and it has a good reason. It is a pioneer application in estimating the value of a home online, displays the home value, previous sale price, and almost provides any home in any location you need.
Inpin is an application that uses all smart platforms and has been able to compete with one of the American applications Zillow.

Augmented Reality

Despite using the most modern technologies Inpin program has a relatively simple and uncomplicated structure and user interface which is one of its main strengths.

Inpin application with its new and unique features and capabilities and the use of Augmented Reality technology has provided a fast and smart platform for searching and selecting property throughout Iran. With this feature, you can view the required information and all real estate consultants. Identify who are active in inpin and close to your area.

You can find out the number of consultants working in the specified properties and see the ads that are in your area through augmented reality.
Inpin is the only application that uses augmented reality in Iran and users can provide all the information they need.

Property search with Augmented Reality (AR) technology

Augmented reality search is the most specific feature of Inpin, which not only has no similarity among the applications for buying and selling Iranian real estate but is also a rare example among global platforms.

With this feature and your mobile camera, you can see the ads around you in any neighborhood you are in there.
You can go to your desired locations and activated the AR in the program (indicated by the glasses at the top right of the map), move in different directions, view the properties registered in the program database up to a radius of 500 meters.

This feature is because most mobile phones are not calibrated, there is a slight error when viewing, and the advertisement of the property you want may be displayed in a slightly different place, but this error is seen less in the Inpin program. To some extent, it does not prevent the efficiency and performance of this attractive program.

Open House

Another interesting feature of the Inpin app that sets it apart from its domestic competitors is the Open House banner section. In the ads of this section, there is no need to contact the owner and the consultant to schedule a visit, and the owner or consultant is present at the property according to the pre-announced schedule to receive visitors.

The addresses of all open-access properties are shown on the map and in the augmented reality section. With Augmented Reality, you can separate open-access properties from other properties.

Real estate consultants and agencies

In Inpin, in addition to property applicants, there is a special place for real estate consultants, and each consultant has his own profile, and you can see all the information of the consultants on their dedicated page.

Real estate agencies and independent consultants can also work in this software. For each of these firms, there is the ability to create a custom profile, and in addition to providing public services (such as receiving comments, public rankings and viewing registered applications), features such as on-map display, specialized ranking and display of real estate agencies with the help of technology Augmented reality is also considered.

Find the property with your requested profile:

Inpin uses Matching Algorithms and you can specify the specifications of the house you are looking for based on the filters applied by artificial intelligence in the program. Show you all the details.
In this case, you can add the desired property to the list of favorites or delete it altogether, in which case it won’t show any more ads.

Facilities around the property:

With the advanced technologies in this program (artificial intelligence and augmented reality), you can specify your desired area on the map to examine the information and facilities around your desired property.
Another feature of this program is that you can identify areas that are in traffic.

In general, the design of the inpin application by the Satya team can be considered a successful example of a property search program in Iran. Because the structure of pages, templates, and the usage of advanced technology has differentiated Inpin from domestic and foreign competitors.