Carpino is an intelligent system for requesting official taxis in Tehran, which has made to travel easily and safely to all parts of the city, especially in the traffic plan.
Carpino is a national application designed by the Satya team and has entered a competition with other Internet taxis. The company started its activities in March 2017 in Tehran.
To request a taxi online in this application, the traveler first determines his origin and destination on the application map, specifies the type of service requested like public service, ceremonies, women, etc., and sends his request by observing the cost of travel.
The Carpino application displays this request for drivers who are within a certain radius of the passenger. The travel process begins with the acceptance of the passenger request by one of the drivers. Travelers can pay for their travel in this application in cash or by credit from within the application.

The features that distinguish Carpino from other competitors are the different services it offers to its passengers. These services can be divided into different sections, but the most important of them is that passengers can travel with the Carpino support unit through the application. Be in touch.

In this application, you can specify your selected routes and save them in the app so, no longer need to characterize them again.
Carpino is an enterprise application, and various organizations can use the Carpino application to serve their employees.

Passengers and driver’s phone numbers; won’t be shown to each other. Also, Carpino is trusted by all users, families, and women, and all passengers are covered by insurance.
Carpino application is available on two platforms, Android and IOS, and it can be downloaded through a direct link from Carpino’s website.

Carpino’s goal is to have an application with a simple user interface and easy access to all parts of the city, which the Satya team has designed for Carpino.